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Special waste packagings

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Special waste packagings

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WEEE packagings

In compliance with the 2003 European directive, our productions help to sort, collect, dismantle and dispose of various dangerous and/or chemical components, as well as extract and recycle metals and reusable parts.

Tubes et lamps


Bike batteries

Small electrical appliances

Corporate offices

Because Cartospé is dedicated to a global strategy of waste management at all levels, we have created a selection of useful sorting bins for offices, corporate facilities and industrial sites.

Organic waste

Other waste (cups, cans, toners, bottles...)

Fire extinguishers, aerosols



Recycling stations

« Terminal » for the treatment of collected recyclables permits an on-going synergy with professionals who deal with diverse materials like metal, wood, and plastic.


Cartospé Packaging developed a packaging, from its panel of patented, products for the collection of waste potentially contaminated by Covid 19. It is a combination packaging cardboard box and a glued bag offering a double barrier to the virus. It allows centralized collection at selected points. We focused on the safety of users and collection and cleaning agents: removing masks, tissues, gloves … without contact with the waste. The agent in charge of collecting and closing the container can do it by touching surfaces that weren’t in contact with users or waste. External handles also guarantee the “no contact” during handling. This product is intended for destruction outside the selective sorting system.

Combination packaging : Cardboard box + plastic bag glued inside (double barrier against the virus)
For the collection of personnal protective equipment and contaminated waste (excluding clinical waste)

• Automatic bottom for a quick assembly.
• Outside handles to avoid any contact with the waste.
• Plastic bag glued inside (leakproof).
• Barcode
• Recycled Cardboard.
• Assembly drawing printed on the top of the box.

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